Monte Carlo (1st & 3rd Saturday)

Our Monte Carlo runs on the first and third Saturday of every month and is a great way to spice up your normal bowling outing. The event starts promptly at 6:00pm, it is advised that you get to the center at least 30 minutes prior to start time to allow adequate time to check in and get situated on your lanes. Reservations are encouraged. Call now to make a reservation for Monte Carlo (775)575-PLAY. Due to the format of Monte Carlo bowling you must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

6:00pm Squad
(check-in and be ready before 6:00pm)

- $16.00 per person
- 3 games of bowling
- Shoe rental is included
- Cash prizes for strikes, spares and splits
- 4 colored pins

Saturday MC Shot Sheet



Tickets will be sold 1 for $1 with $25 being the maximum amount you can purchase. The jackpot starts at $100 and carries over from week to week if the money is not won.  Up to 3 tickets will be drawn.  First ticket drawn shoots for half the total jackpot.  If that person strikes they win half the jackpot and can choose to:

A) Quit and keep their winnings.
B) Risk their winnings to shoot for the entire jackpot by moving to a lane chosen at random and rolling another strike.  If that bowler misses the will win 10% of the original jackpot as a consolation.

If the first person misses their strike attempt, a second ticket is drawn for a shot at 20% of the jackpot.  If that bowler misses a third ticket will be drawn for a shot at 10% of the jackpot.
Please call bowling center for current jackpot amounts.
Current Jackpot Info


Cash for Strikes: Men - 4 strikes in a row wins .50 cents and .50 for each strike in succession. Women - 3 strikes in a row wins .50 cents and .50 cents for each strike in succession.

These added features come at no additional charge to the bowler. Some restrictions may apply.

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X-Factor: This is a game of strikes. Each person that enters will be given a strike card with 12 designated frames.  The more frames you convert, the more money you win. Cost is $5 per person to enter.

7 Strikes - $10         8 Strikes - $15
9 Strikes - $20        10 Strikes - $25
11 Strikes - $50        12 Strikes - $250

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